Nous comprenons les besoins de nos clients et de nos employés, en offrant non seulement des produits, mais aussi des services d'assistance et de formation.


"Nous sommes ce que nous produisons et communiquons". Dans les relations comme dans les systèmes de production, nous nous efforçons de transmettre la confiance.


Nous sommes une équipe efficace et qualifiée qui coopère pour atteindre des objectifs communs.


Nous formons continuellement notre personnel pour améliorer, compléter les compétences et les connaissances afin d'offrir des solutions techniques exceptionnelles


Nous promouvons l'équilibre et l'inclusion de la diversité culturelle et de genre en tant que valeur de l’entreprise.



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The warehouse worker is a figure who is responsible for the management of the warehouse and the handling of goods within it.

From an operational point of view, as a warehouse worker, you are mainly responsible for managing incoming and outgoing goods, sorting, picking & packing, as well as checking all relevant documentation.

The warehouse worker’s daily tasks include:

  • Receiving incoming goods, accepting or returning them according to company procedures
  • Preparing goods for shipment and delivery to couriers and end customers
  • Filling in and checking goods transport documentation
  • Loading/unloading operations from trucks, vans and containers
  • Moving goods inside the warehouse using forklift and pallet trucks
  • Helping with the reorganisation and inventory checking of the warehouse and stock control

The following characteristics are required for this job:

  • Proven ability in organisational, administrative and fiscal warehouse management
  • Knowledge of warehouse logistics and storage, warehousing and goods handling procedures
  • Ability to manage warehouse documentation (accompanying invoices, loading and unloading forms, purchase and sales lists)
  • Be in possession of a forklift truck operating license
  • Familiarity with the use of barcode reading devices
  • Knowledge of standard safety regulations
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Reliability and accuracy
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Good knowledge of Italian

The company offers:

  • On-boarding
  • Ongoing training
  • Young and dynamic work environment
  • Collaboration between departments
  • Company benefits
  • Full-time work (40 hours per week)
  • Salary in line with the Italian CCNL Commerce labour contract
  • Job classification according to applicant’s skills
  • Direct hiring with permanent contract



The sales agent is a figure acting as a link between the company and its customers.

From an operational point of view, as an agent, you are responsible for promoting the sale of the company’s products, goods and services that you represent within your assigned area. You work closely with customers to gain their trust and maintain their interest in the products.

You are also responsible for procuring new leads, managing the customer portfolio assigned to you and drafting periodic reports to send to the relevant managers in the company.

The agent’s daily tasks include:

  • Maintaining contacts with customers to learn about their needs and propose ad hoc solutions
  • Initiating and conducting negotiations to stipulate new contracts
  • Keeping customers informed about new product releases
  • Providing pre- and post-sales support
  • Analysing the relevant area markets
  • Seeking potential new customers
  • Taking part in sector-based trade fairs

The following characteristics are required for this job:

  • Friendly and polite demeanour
  • Smart appearance
  • Excellent knowledge of the product offering
  • Good persuasion and communication skills, and empathy
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Reliability and accuracy
  • Strong motivation, result-oriented and pursuit of company goals
  • Sound knowledge of the main software and CRM programs
  • Background in building/construction industry
  • Preferably at least 2 years’ experience in a similar role

The company offers:

  • Ongoing technical training
  • On-boarding
  • Exclusive sales area
  • Initial customer portfolio
  • Self-employment with VAT number acting as a multi-firm agent
  • Commission earned on each individual sale
  • Quarterly payment